Lakefront city revisited

Octoberfest Bloodbath

Jack Burns is called to a meeting by “Fingers” O’Malley. This is the first one of its kind he is allowed to attend. Here he meets “Deanie” O’Conner, the head of the syndicate. The person known as “the Book” is also there, the financial brains behind the gang. Also “Fingers”, “Spoons”, Henry and Steve. A run down of current operations, a status report from everyone on progress within the organization. When asked how things are going, Jack reports he is keeping up well with the gambling collections, and he expects the independant loans to improve as word on the street spreads. Jack is earning a good reputation as a reasonable creditor that asks questions BEFORE breaking legs. If anything he is begining to seem too soft even…

The policy of decency to his debtors has begun to pay off for. A tip about a brew still at Millers Trucking company run by the Tolino gang comes his way. After talking with “Fingers”, Jack takes six O’Conner mooks and leads a daring raid. Waiting patiently in the blindspot of the door peephole, Jack and company rush the garage door as soon as it starts to open. They take five men prisoner, but two in the office flee out the front door. They make off with two trucks loaded with beer casks. They destroy the still in the back to disrupt the Tolino’s supply. There is a wall safe in the office, but with no time to touch it they make good their escape without firing a shot. The captives were left unharmed in the office of Millers.

Jack asked for a little more muscle and had Brian “Shins” McGee, one of the mooks from the Millers raid assigned as his extra muscle man. With Jack’s experience training soldiers during the war, he figures even a noob like “Shins” will shape up eventually and starts to teach him a few things. He also sent away for a Browning Automatic Rifle and was delighted when it arrived at the end of the week.

The Tolino’s didn’t take all this too well. They soon staged a raid on Harrigan’s Speakeasy and busted it up so bad it will take weeks to get back into operation. Al Tolino personally lead the raid with fifteeen of his goons. There were a lot of questions asking for the whereabouts of “Jack Burns”. With nobody shot, but a few bruises delivered the raid was mostly bloodless.

The Tolinos were looking for Jack, and the night of the raid “Fingers” came to his house to warn him. Jack took this as a sign to get Rita out of harms way and sent her off to visit her folks farm. She took this very well, for someone woken in the middle of the night and sent out of town for an indefinite time.

Johnny Voltera, the Tolino’s loan shark, was taking notice and has been loud about his distaste for the upstart Jack Burns.

A tipoff about a convoy of trucks bringing more beer casks lead to another sting against the Tolinos. Having received the green light from “Fingers” to draw blood and send a message, Jack plans to break some arms and legs so people wont be able to simply return to their jobs. ...his plans dont quite work out that way…

After frantically mounting a couple railroad ties to the front of one of the Millers trucks he stole before (with AL Green and Martin Short’s help) Jack plans to ram the lead car of the convoy to stop it. This works very well, and then “Shins” and the other five mooks run around the corner and rush the convoy. The Tolinos panic, and expect the ramming is a sign of escalated violence (true). They draw guns and are about to shoot when “Shins” blasts both sawed off shotgun barrels into the guard from the middle truck, insta kill. Jack rushes the lead car dazzed from the crash. The passenger sees Jack and blasts point blank with a shotgun, Jack is VERY badly wounded. Pissed off and bleeding, Jack fires a full auto burst from his B.A.R. into the car killing driver and passenger. A full out gunfight ensues. The driver of the tail car steps out and is a WOMAN! She shoots six times every shot hitting, wounding two men. Her passenger draws a .45 and blasts away killing one of the mooks. “Shins” and the others kill the passenger. Jack crawls over the car and draws a line on the woman, fires semi-auto, hits three times killing her. The drivers surrendered without a fuss. Everyone piles into trucks and makes a getaway, “Shins” stuffs the dead girl back in her car and takes the wheel, badly wounded. He drives off excitedly. The three trucks leave the scene. Jack goes back to retrieve the body of the dead mook, planning to take his ramming truck away from the scene. He sees three figures running toward him from the Tolinos speakeasy down the street. Without hesitation he draws a mark on the lead runner and opens up with the B.A.R. killing the first man. He is way out of range of their pistols. The way the third one rolls to cover, Jack summizes him to be Luthor Sholtze. The second man takes cover, but not as well and Jack shoots. Two hits clip him, but Luthor escorts him to safety. Out of ammo, Jack rolls to cover, reloads, drags the body into the truck and drives away from the scene as the police sirens start to approach.

Jack gets to the rendezvous, but is in bad shape. He, “Shins”, and a third mook need a doctor quickly. “Fingers”, and Tim get a doctor and patch up the crew. This is a very good time for Jack to disappear. A bloodbath in the streets of Lakefront City. His merciless side coming to the front, Jack orders the execution of the drivers, to eliminate the witnesses.

Johnny Volterra is beside himself with rage. The woman in the car Jack killed was his sister.

With Tim’s help Jack escapes town on the train to visit Rita’s parents, where he spends three weeks healing. Rita confesses that she doesnt mind staying there, (even with NO booze!), but it will be hard to conceal the fact she is carrying Jack’s baby soon and her folks will toss her out. Realizeing he is about to be a father, and with no sensible objection NOT to marry Rita, Jack rings Tim (to be best man). The wedding is small in the local church, and kept secret for now.

Tim also tells Jack about a truce between O’Conners and Tolinos enforced upon them BOTH by rival mobs that resent the incredible heat drawn by the bloodbath of the convoy raid. Jack decides to return to Lakefront City, under pressure from his people.

Doubtful about this truce ( “I killed his sister, what kind of man lets that go?” ), Jack is already schemeing for round two.

First session

We begin in march of 1921 in lakefront city. Our main character is Jack Burns, a WWI vet who arrives in Lakefront city to seek a fresh start.

Tim, his room mate helps him land a job at Hannigans speakeasy. After a couple of weeks on the job he observes a member of the Tolino mob casing the place. He roughs up the man and removes him from the place.

This gets him the attention of Rita. She and Jack become inseparable. It also gets him a meeting with Fingers O’Malley. A week or two later Fingers Has him go to smash up all the windows on a house next door to a police lieutenant in what is later revealed to be a diversion to draw the police away from the first lakefront city bank. Still working as a bouncer he is asked to go collect from a gambler that hasn’t paid back what he owed. With a bit of coercion he manages to get the money paid.

Not long after this jack is promoted to work with Jerry “Spoons” O’Neil. Jerry handles bookie work and along with a couple of other guys reports to “The book” a man yet to be introduced to Jack Burns.

Spoons despises being called spoons so everybody calls him that when he is not around. There are a number of reasons to call him that. None are flattering. They summarise as

1 He likes to eat. Especially stuff with gravy.

2 He likes to cuddle.

3 He once accepted a set of silver ware as payment for a loan and it turned out to be a set of tin spoons when the box was opened.

Jack is careful to call him Jerry or Mr O’Neil or sir whenever speaking with him. Jack has by this point armed himself with a .45 auto just in case. After a bit over a month working for Spoons Rita his Jack with a suprise. She wants him to come and meet her parents.

Jack works it with Spoons to get a couple of days off and makes the trip down state to go meet her family. Things go extremely well. Jack returns with Rita’s fathers blessing to court her. He of course uses this as an excuse to set up housekeeping. A few weeks in a row after that Jack is not getting paid any real bonus money as the gambling business is having an off time.

Fingers O’Malley decides that this is a good time to try to expand their lending operations and they want to have jack manage it. To make sure the pot is sweet enough he assigns Jack to collect the debts from all the gamblers that were a little short on paying back what they lost to the 3 bookies. Each has on average 1000 in money lent out at the rate of 5% a week. Jack gets to keep the 5% as his pay but is made financially responsible for whatever he does not collect.

In addition Jack is directed to find borrowers another 2000 in cash at the rate of 10% a week. Half of this goes to Jack and half gets kicked up to Fingers. Last but not least Jack is given blessing to lend out his own money so long as all of Fingers money is already invested. He is to pay 10% of his profits up to fingers.

To assist with this he has his good friend Tim helping by making the rounds and doing the collections. Tim is such an easy guy to get along with the a week later he gets a tip that there is a man named Al Green. His birth name was Alfonso Grenucci. It seems he is making a huge bet on a horse race this week. Since he normally wouldn’t have 700 buck to bet and he is known to talk to the Tolino mob as well there is a chance that this is a setup to cause the O’Connor gang a bit loss.

A series of meetings and a couple of investigations later Jack determines that the Tolinos are not taking any bets on this race because they believe it to be fixed. The Tolino loanshark Johnny Voltara has lent Al Green 650 bucks at 15% to bet on the race.

The result is that the O’Connor gang decides to refuse bets on the race in question and give people who already bet their money a refund.

Jack takes pity on Al Green and lends him 47.50 at no interest to repay the Tolino’s. This is beginning to get him a reputation as a private lender you actually want to go to.


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